Waterfront Winterfest November 24th

Please come out and celebrate the Lorain Waterfront Winterfest sponsored by Main Street Lorain on November 24, 2018. The Tourism Council’s Train Station Display and Waterfront Winterfest are committees of Main Street Lorain and bring thousands of visitors to downtown Lorain every year. Join us on Broadway to celebrate the holidays.

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Lorain Growth Consortium Meeting

Learn about Lorain Port Authority’s plans and programs to assist businesses at the Nov. 2 Main Street Lorain consortium breakfast meeting at Spectrum Vocational Center, 713 W. 5th Street (former Moose Club) beginning at 8 a.m. Port Director Tom Brown and Economic Development Specialist Tiffany McClelland will speak about the new energy district and what it will mean for downtown businesses. Main Street Lorain President Jim Long will also speak and ask for announcements from the group. Cost for breakfast is $7

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Lorain Growth Consortium Meeting

Our speakers for the Friday, Oct. 5, Main Street Lorain Consortium breakfast meeting will be Linda Lumadue and Frank Sipkovsky talking about the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation’s Sunset Wine Dinners, tours and other events this year along with plans for next year. The breakfast meeting will be held at Spectrum Cafe and Catering, 713 W. 5th Street, Lorain (the former Moose Club). We begin gathering at 7:30 a.m. and the Spectrum staff starts serving breakfast at 8 a.m. The program will begin around 8:20 a.m. Cost of the delicious breakfast is only $7. Main Street Lorain President Jim Long will report on developments in the downtown area and allow for announcements

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Lorain Growth Consortium Meeting

The speaker for the Main Street Consortium meeting on Friday September 7th will be Radhika Reddy from Ariel Ventures. Radhika will speak on the plans for the revitalization of the Broadway Building.

We have a new venue for our meetings. Remember it is always the FIRST FRIDAY of every month unless otherwise noted. The meeting starts at 8:00am and breakfast is served for $7.00. Breakfast is provide by Spectrum.

Our new location is 713 5th St, Spectrum Enterprises. ( the old Moose Club).

This will be a very informative meeting so please try to attend to hear the exciting news on this upcoming development project.


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Lorain Growth Consortium Meeting

Howard Ross will be the featured speaker at the Friday, Aug. 3, Main
Street Lorain breakfast meeting at the Palace Theater, 617 Broadway.
He will speak on the BrewFest Waterfront District which will be held
at Black River Landing on Saturday, Aug. 11 from noon to 6 p.m. We
begin eating this Friday at 8 am with the program beginning at 8:20
a.m. This is a good meeting to reconnect with what’s happening in
downtown Lorain this summer. Gale Bonsor,  will introduce the program and afterwards accept announcements
from the floor.
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Main Street Lorain/Downtown Lorain

Many new developments in downtown Lorain.

Main Street is proud to announce amazing progress in our Downtown Entertainment District. In the next 30 days we will be announcing several new businesses in our district and welcoming them to our revitalization plan for downtown Lorain. In addition to the Port Authorities plan for the Spitzer building we have new owners and business interests coming into our business district downtown. At least the addition of four new businesses will be announced shortly when all the details are complete. Main Street and its downtown partners are excited in the new interest and revitalization we are achieving in Lorain. Details will be forthcoming.

We also are moving forward with our partners , with the listing and marketing of 500 + acres of riverfront and lakefront properties in Lorain. A new and designed plan to attract investors to Lorain’s waterfront […]

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Lorain Growth Consortium Meeting

The speaker for the Main Street Lorain Consortium on July 6th will be Joel Arredondo, President of Lorain City Council. Joel will discuss upcoming city projects and the progress of our downtown revitalization. The meeting starts at 8:00 am sharp and a light breakfast is offered for $6.00. Main Street President Jim Long will allow announcements after the speaker finishes.

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Lorain Growth Consortium Meeting

Tiffany McClelland will be the speaker at the Main Street Lorain breakfast on June 1st 2018. The breakfast will start at 8:00 serving Continental Breakfast for $5 per person. Tiffany will speak on the new economic development plan that is called the Lorain Harbor Area-Wide Planning Project Area. This project is possible with the grant applied for by the downtown stakeholders, Lorain Port, Main Street Lorain, city of Lorain, Black River Area of Concern, and Charleston Village Society.  It is the first time we have offered and marketed over 500 acres of prime lake and riverfront real estate on a national scale. It is a excellent economic development plan and Main Street is proud to be part of it.

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