Main Street Lorain/Downtown Lorain

Many new developments in downtown Lorain.

Main Street is proud to announce amazing progress in our Downtown Entertainment District. In the next 30 days we will be announcing several new businesses in our district and welcoming them to our revitalization plan for downtown Lorain. In addition to the Port Authorities plan for the Spitzer building we have new owners and business interests coming into our business district downtown. At least the addition of four new businesses will be announced shortly when all the details are complete. Main Street and its downtown partners are excited in the new interest and revitalization we are achieving in Lorain. Details will be forthcoming.

We also are moving forward with our partners , with the listing and marketing of 500 + acres of riverfront and lakefront properties in Lorain. A new and designed plan to attract investors to Lorain’s waterfront for possible development. Lorain is on the move with the downtown partners and stakeholders, the city of Lorain, the Lorain Port Authority, Charleston Village, the Black River Area of Concern, and Main Street Lorain/ Lorain Growth Corp.

Jim Long/ President Main Street Lorain

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