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Main Street Lorain/Downtown Lorain

Many new developments in downtown Lorain.

Main Street is proud to announce amazing progress in our Downtown Entertainment District. In the next 30 days we will be announcing several new businesses in our district and welcoming them to our revitalization plan for downtown Lorain. In addition to the Port Authorities plan for the Spitzer building we have new owners and business interests coming into our business district downtown. At least the addition of four new businesses will be announced shortly when all the details are complete. Main Street and its downtown partners are excited in the new interest and revitalization we are achieving in Lorain. Details will be forthcoming.

We also are moving forward with our partners , with the listing and marketing of 500 + acres of riverfront and lakefront properties in Lorain. A new and designed plan to attract investors to Lorain’s waterfront […]

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Main Street Lorain is proud to be celebrating our 22nd year promoting downtown Lorain

Many new developments for 2018 in our downtown Entertainment and Business district.

New streetscape plan for Broadway

Many economic revitalizations occurring in the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 9th St corridors

Revitalization of the Spitzer Hotel/ a catalyst for our downtown development

Main street as a strategic board member and participant of the Lorain Harbor Area Wide Planning Project/ Marketing available real estate along our waterfront

New candy and gift shops coming

New eateries coming in 2018

New living quarters under construction on Broadway

Main Street Brewfest event

Main Street Tourism Train station display

Main Street Waterfront Winterfest

As title sponsor for the Black River Concert Series we welcome Bob and Sandy Early back for the 2018 season

Many new events and shows at the Palace Theatre in the summer and fall of 2018

These events alone bring over 250,000 people  and new visitors to […]

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Strategic Planning Session for Downtown Lorain

Great meeting and strategic planning session today at the Lorain Port Authority. All the main stakeholders of downtown Lorain met and discussed many issues. Excellent forum with future plans to network in the future.

Jim Long/ President Main Street Lorain

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Main Street Lorain

Many new developments on Main Street Lorain are in the works:

Broadway is paved
Streetscape is on for 2018
New sidewalks
New lighting
New landscaping
New entry signs to Main Street/ Waterfront District
LCCAA is moved into 9th st location/ redeveloped
9th st redevelopment on Visual Expressions property
Catholic Charities has moved the Homeless Shelter and Kitchen to 28th and Carolina.
The 8th St kitchen property to be developed
United Way moved into 642 Broadway
Redevelopment of 637 Broadway
4th St redevelopment underway
Spectrum gymnasium to be build At West Erie and Wickens Place.
Spectrum Gift Shop in 401 Broadway
Kennedy property on 4th under redevelopment
4th street corridor under a master plan of redevelopment/ United Properties
Speak of the Devil Speakeasy on 4th nearly complete
Farohs Candy moved into City View Building
New interest in Spitzer Bld. and St Joes Complex
Victor Nardini redeveloping bank bld on Broadway
Bed and breakfast under construction on 9th St

Jim Long/President
LGC/ Main Street Lorain

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There will be a Consortium meeting on October 6th 2017. The speakers will be Bob McDonald and Gail Bonsor from the LGC Tourism Council. They will discuss future projects to promote tourism in Lorain. Meeting starts at 8am and is held at the Palace.

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Due to the Labor day weekend, there will not be a Lorain Growth Consortium meeting on September 1st 2017. The September meeting will be on September 8th at 8:00am at the Palace.

Jim Long

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